Little Mary – 1.5m Closed-Top Privacy Fence


This is an outstanding choice among the stylish picket fences due to its strength with an excellent enclosure for securing your kids, pets, and house. Mary Closed-top Privacy fence offers a distinctive look with pockets enclosed installation in by a top rail.

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This is an outstanding choice among the stylish picket fences due to its strength with an excellent enclosure for securing your kids, pets, and house. Mary Closed-top Privacy fence offers a distinctive look with pockets enclosed installation in by a top rail.

38 reviews for Little Mary – 1.5m Closed-Top Privacy Fence

  1. Ingrid Svensson

    We wanted a fence that would not only look good but would also fit the aesthetic of our neighbourhood. This PVC fence hits all the marks. It’s sturdy, looks great, and has boosted our home’s value. We couldn’t be more satisfied with our choice.

  2. Zaria Jeffries

    The installation process for our semi private fence was impressively quick and smooth. The team was professional and erected the fence in just two days.

  3. Chelsea Armstrong

    The delivery of our PVC fence was incredibly fast! We were prepared to wait, but the materials arrived much sooner than anticipated, allowing us to start the installation right away. Excellent service and quick delivery!

  4. Anneliese Schmidt

    Thrilled with our fence’s durability and how it effortlessly matches our home’s vibe.

  5. Harper McKenzie

    Our garden on the Gold Coast is visited frequently by local wildlife, and our PVC fence is sturdy enough to accommodate these lovely visits without harming any curious creatures. It’s reassuring to know we’re keeping the animals safe while protecting our property.

  6. Margaux Dubois

    With our hectic lifestyle, we needed a low-maintenance solution for our home in the Gold Coast. The PVC fence has been a game-changer. It needs just a quick wash now and then, saving us time and effort.

  7. Bradley Weston

    I love that our Little Mary fence is so easy to maintain. A simple hose down is all it takes to keep it looking pristine. No more weekends spent staining or trying to repair our old wood fence.

  8. Ravi Singh

    Visually appealing and highly functional! This fence has improved our homes appeal. The PVC material is great because it doesn’t warp or peel like wood, and it’s so easy to clean.

  9. Ava Okeke

    The Little Mary fence is both functional and beautiful. The white panels really brighten up our yard, and PVC’s resilience to harsh weather conditions is a huge plus in my opinion. Highly recommend it for both aesthetics and practicality.

  10. Rodrigo Sanchez

    The variety of designs available in PVC fencing allowed us to find the perfect match for our house’s exterior, being the Little Mary. It was easy to find a fence that met both our aesthetic and functional needs.

  11. Aarav Patel

    Aesthetically, this fence is a game-changer. The sleek, modern design fits perfectly with our house’s style. Also the PVC is much more durable than the wooden fence we replaced and we don’t need to worry about termites!

  12. Emily Nguyen

    The Little Mary fence looks stunning around our home. The clean white lines really make our garden pop. We chose PVC over wood because it doesn’t rot or need constant painting. Best decision ever!

  13. Logan Patterson

    Our PVC fence is not only low maintenance but also safe for our kids and pets. There are no splinters or sharp edges, and it’s sturdy enough to keep the pets contained without worries.

  14. Iris Baldwin

    From start to finish, the installation team was a joy to work with. They were friendly, engaging, and genuinely cared about our satisfaction with the fence. They went above and beyond to ensure everything was perfect. Fantastic service!

  15. Grant Thornton

    Love our fence’s modern look, maintenance-free and it always just looks impeccably clean. I’m so happy with this style of fencing.

  16. Claire Hutton

    One aspect we loved about our PVC fence is how modular it is. We decide to extend our backyard and we easily added more sections that integrated with our existing fence.

  17. Nolan Briggs

    The team that came to install our PVC fence was the friendliest group of workers we’ve had. They were cheerful, polite, and very professional. They made sure to keep us informed throughout the installation and answered all the questions we had. Highly recommend!

  18. Liu Mei

    Our new fence looks fantastic. It gives our home a nice and clean look. PVC was definitely the right choice for us as it’s durable, easy to maintain, and looks much better than the shoddy old wooden fence we previously had installed.

  19. Scarlett Montgomery

    Our PVC fencing was an investment, but given its durability and the zero maintenance needed, it’s provided great value for money. We’re confident this fence will last for decades and are incredibly impressed with how the Little Mary looks on our property.

  20. Chloe Kim

    It’s been several years since we installed a PVC style fence around our property, and I’m thrilled to report that it still looks as good as the day it was installed. The PVC material has proven to be incredibly durable and resistant to fading, even with constant exposure to the harsh QLD sun. We’ve had minimal maintenance to worry about which is a huge relief compared to the up-keep required by our previous wooden fence.

  21. Megan Taylor

    After researching various fencing options, we decided to go with a PVC fence for our backyard, and it was one of the best decisions we’ve made for our home. What impressed us the most is the durability of the PVC material; it doesn’t rot, warp, or require constant upkeep like traditional wood fences. Even after several seasons, our PVC fence still looks as good as new!

  22. Stefano Bianchi

    Love our PVC fence! It’s tough against brisbane’s weather and still looks great

  23. David Garcia

    The Little Mary style looks spectacular, I was tossing up between that and the Caroline but in the end opted for the shorter fence. QFS happily accommodated any changes that I required, and the installation team was incredibly friendly.

  24. Ainsley Waters

    The Little Mary PVC fence is ideal for keeping our backyard breezy and comfortable. It blocks out any unwelcome views whilst still allowing for good airflow, which is essential in the Brisbane climate.

  25. Wyatt Harrison

    We love decorating our home for the holidays, and our PVC fence has become a central part of our seasonal display. The Little Mary style is at the perfect height to easily attach decorations without damaging the fence, and it holds up well under the extra weight.

  26. Paige Turner

    Our neighbours were so impressed with our new PVC fence that two of them asked for the contact details of our installation company. They commented on how it transformed our property and how they’ve been considering something similar for their own yards.

  27. Michael Nguyen

    Installation of the fence went up in a breeze, I was honestly amazed at how quickly it took for the team at QFS to install our fence and I couldn’t be happier with the result, we will definitely recommend this business to anyone looking for a new fence.

  28. Hana Kim

    The Little Mary fence is exactly what we needed. It’s stylish and provides excellent privacy. PVC is far superior to wood or metal, its also low maintenance, resistant to the elements, and still looks like new from the day it was installed.

  29. Lila Jennings

    The elegant design of the PVC fence has significantly enhanced our home’s curb appeal. It’s modern, clean, and the perfect height for our neighbourhood, making the property stand out in the best way possible.

  30. Diego Martinez

    We love our new fence! The design is very pleasing to the eye, and it’s sturdy too. The installation team were very professional and had it completed within the week, overall very happy with my experience with this company.

  31. Clayton Moore

    Our land is quite uneven, and we were worried about finding a suitable fence. The PVC materials were adaptable and fitted perfectly, contouring to our uneven land seamlessly, we couldn’t be happier with our Little Mary fence, Thank you QFS

  32. Vivian Carter

    We’ve been looking for the right fence for ages, and the Little Mary is a perfect match. It mirrors the style of our house, and its solid construction assures us it will last for years to come. The installation process was a breeze, too!

  33. Brent Collins

    We looked to integrate our home security system with the new PVC fence, adding cameras and motion sensors at points throughout. The fence not only looks great but also provides an added layer of security.

  34. Brady Marlow

    No matter the season our fence remains a standout feature in our landscape, and It doesn’t suffer from the seasonal wear that our previous fence did

  35. Javier Hernandez

    This fence has really added to our property’s look. I appreciate that it’s made of study PVC and is 100% recyclable too.

  36. Tyler Johnson

    Our experience with a PVC style fence has been nothing short of excellent. From the initial consultation to the final installation, everything went smoothly, thanks to the professionalism of the company we worked with.

  37. Christopher Brown

    We recently had a PVC fence installed at our property. The fence adds a touch of elegance and grace to our home whilst still providing us with the privacy and security that we wanted. I recommend QFS to anyone looking for a durable and attractive fencing solution!

  38. Fatima Ali

    I just adore the look of this fence. It’s so pristine and complements our landscaping beautifully. PVC is such a practical choice – it’s weather resistant and doesn’t require the upkeep that metal or wooden fencing does.

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Product Description

  • Fence panel kit – assembly required

  • Works with pre-routed 127x127mm posts: line, corner, end

  • Gates available in 1m, 1.2m, 1.8m single gate, 3.6m double gate or as a sliding gate in custom made size specifically suitable for the job

  • Panel features 8pcs of 2 x 28 x 115cm Tounge and Groove  infills;

  • Top Rail and2 x 9 x 235cm Middle and Bottom Rails with Aluminium reinforcement

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Picket Closed Top

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Bottom Rail


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Semi Privacy

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Single gate

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Single Gate

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Little Mary – 1.5m Closed-Top Privacy Fence

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