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Why PVC fencing?

In recent times, homeowners embark on the journey of converting and changing their old fencing materials to PVC to experience its distinctive characteristics and advantages over the old way of fencing.

PVC is more than four times flexible and five times stronger than the strength of wood. PVC is non- toxic and doesn’t expose you to harmful chemical materials, unlike wood. The manufacturing procedures follow the optimal safety of industrial standards, and it is 100% recyclable.

Queensland Fencing Specialists PVC fence

To give you better, standard, and top-notch fencing experience, Queensland Fencing Specialists provides you with varieties of PVC products to suit your need, taste, and preference, and also give your home beauty and desired privacy.

Our fencing ranges from semi-privacy, top privacy, and full privacy and is always between 4 to 6 feet high depending on your choice, and they can be available in a wide range of different designs.

The cost of our PVC fence varies and depends on the width, height, and landmass you want to cover. However, we provide the calculator that aid your calculation and prevent you from booking excess product leading to unplanned wastage.

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