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Queensland Fencing Specialist is a company located in QLD with more insight on PVC than anyone else. As a fast-growing company, we are revolutionising the PVC manufacturing/selling industry.

About Queensland Fencing Specialists

Our quality delivery and methodological approach to work is helping our brand build trust with customers in just less than two years of launching, which has never disappoint in providing top-notch service when it comes to selling quality and affordable PVC products to residents of Australia and its environs.


We ensure to analyze every information given to us by our clients and apply our knowledge as expertise in this field to provide our customers with the best of PVC service, which will wow them beyond their imagination.


To further boost the confidence and ensure the convenience of our customers, we ensure to source our products from professional PVC production companies that are known to provide top-quality products that meet up with the standard of the Australian Regulatory Authorities.

We help hospitals, schools, private homeowners, companies, and so on, in care, quality, and durability of PVCs and also proffer possible solutions to any problems our clients may have concerning PVC.


Want’s more: we provide total satisfactory service to our customers with the option of customizing their gate sizes to their taste.


Our expertise also stretches forward to offering elegant but straightforward options that can rake fences down the sloping ground. This allows fences to resonate with the contours of our client’s property, resulting in soft and sweeping fence lines.

Our Mission To provide you with top-quality fencing and railing service at an affordable price along with helping your contact installation & repair contractors.

Our Vision To be a force to reckon within the whole of Australia and beyond when it comes to providing top- notch PVC services.

Why you want to
choose us

Getting us to work on your PVC project comes with amazing benefits which include but not limited to the following;

❖ Local Delivery

If you are living in South East Queensland, then we have helped you in thinking of how to transport your goods to tour destination, by providing affordable delivery service to our customers in major cities around Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast (Conditions apply)

❖ 30 years warranty on our fence

Looks surreal, right? But yes, that’s what differentiates us from others-talk of being sure of what you are doing. This applies to the customer whose PVC is affected by sun heat or ultraviolet which results in a change in colour, deformity or any other damages on the fence.

❖ Service at an affordable price

Another thing that sets us apart from others is providing PVC services at an affordable time while at the same time providing top-quality PVC services.

❖ 24/7 customers service

Our friendly and well-trained personnel are also available round the clock to attend to your request or inquiry about any or all of our services.

❖ Professional workers

You can be sure of putting your PVC project in the safe hands. Our well-trained workers will stop at nothing to meet up with your expectations, and provide you with more value than your money.


“Thanks to QFS my project went off without a hitch.  You sell a quality product that is reasonably/comparably priced to others that don’t measure up.  The installation was a snap and the finished job looks wonderful.”

Jack N.

“We are so happy with our QFS fence and glad we chose to go with vinyl instead of wood.”

QLD,Darling Downs

“Great customer service, speedy delivery, great prices.  Highly recommend!”

Jim T.

“The sales did an excellent job, good product knowledge and very professional.  Product showed up quickly and as advertised, I get a ton of comments on the project. You get what you pay for”

Tyson Jarvison
QLD,North Burnett

“Very easy to work with and friendly.  Thanks for making my project happen.”


Peter V.

Executive Director,Head of sales

Alex I.

Financial Director

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At QFS, we want our customers to feel confident and knowledgeable in their fencing decisions. Our vinyl fencing company does not sell or share any personal information provided by our customers. Your privacy is very important to us! Please fill out the form below to contact us about your fence or railing needs.

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