PVC Picket Fence

Our highest quality picket fencing coupled with extremely low maintenance and upkeep costs, make this a number one seller. It will give your home a classic look with all the benefits of the most versatile material we offer.

PVC Picket Fence is one of the popular types of fencing in the urban and rural plots. Builders are using polyvinyl chloride material instead of wood or colourbond as PVC fence is an excellent alternative to metal and wooden fencing with many advantages. This fence will bring up an unsurpassed look to your house as well as it will keep your kids and pets safe.

Types of PVC Picket Fence

The most popular varieties of picket fences are:

  • pointed and closed top picket fence;

  • alternated picket;

  • see through of semiprivate type.

White PVC fence – a classic option that will fit into any landscape. It does not create a solid shadow, allows the site to breathe well, and does not heat up in intense heat, which is especially important for plants and flowers planted along the fence.

PVC picket fence panels is ideal for fencing the front side of the block, low structures are often installed to mark the border with neighbors, as well as zoning the space inside the yard, delimiting small areas of the front garden and flowerbeds.

Benefits of PVC Picket fencing

Although plastic panels for the fence appeared relatively recently on the market, many owners of such fences have already been able to assess their superiority.

First of all, there is no need to paint the fence, as well as there is no need to apply protective agents to the surface to protect it from the effects of weather conditions. Such a fence has a lot of advantages:

  • it is not afraid of the impact of moisture, strong frosts, and heat;

  • decorative strips do not deform over time;

  • good air flow of the site;

  • quick installation

  • attractive appearance;

  • the service life of products – up to 50 years;

  • installing the panels does not require a massive base, they can be installed almost on any type of soil.

How much does PVC Picket fence cost

The cost of a PVC fence is calculated by taking into account the type of construction, height, and a number of sections. Our company offers white PVC Picket fence from $55 to $102 per meter.

You can send a request for an estimate by calling directly to the manager of the company or by placing an order on the website.

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