PVC Privacy Fence

Turn your backyard into a secluded oasis by adding one of our PVC privacy range. Privacy fences not only limit how much of your property other people can see, they also limit how much you can see outside your property to block unsightly views. It’s classic look that will last for decades without showing much wear and tear.

The strength and plasticity of polyvinyl chloride material make it ideal for installing fences in all weather conditions. PVC Privacy fence is great for fencing a private house or cottage, as well as a decoration of the garden area.

Types of PVC Privacy fence

  • Classic Full privacy fence. Its design consists of several sections of PVC panels connected by posts. The fence will help to reduce the outside noise and protects it from prying eyes. Top of each posts can be finished with one of our decorative caps from our range.

  • Lattice-Top privacy fence. Imitates a fence made of wooden slats, which can be arranged in a straight or oblique direction in the form of a lattice.

  • Semi-privacy fence. These models feature 75mm picket spaced approximately 30mm apart, due to which a continuous shadow is not created, and the area is well ventilated.

  • Picket-Top privacy fence. The top section is made up of commercially grade bottom rail that is internally reinforced and a notch on both sides directly into the top and middle rails.

If you want to add an original decorative landscape accent, fence the perimeter of your property, or provide safe protection for your family, our company offers plastic privacy fence panels in various variations.

Benefits of PVC Privacy Fencing

One of the significant advantages of PVC fencing is that the products are not physically impacted and require minimal maintenance. The material is fully waterproof, withstanding any consequences of bad weather.

Other benefits are just as significant:

  • environmentally safe for human health;

  • ease of assembly, assembled from prefabricated elements;

  • stylish and aesthetically appealing appearance;

  • easy to clean;

  • not subject to rot and desiccation.

Such PVC Privacy Fencing property will last more than a dozen years, with an average life expectancy of at least 50 years. In addition, the fence does not need to be treated with protective agents and paint.

How much does PVC Privacy Fence cost

Our catalog includes different models of PVC Privacy fences, so you can find the best fence for your home. The cost of a PVC fence is calculated by taking into account the type of construction, height, and a number of sections. Our company offers white PVC Picket fence from $55 to $102 per meter. You can calculate the cost of your fence on one’s own or ask for help from experienced specialists of our company.

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