Lady Jane – 2m Full Privacy Fence


The strongest privacy fencing on the market, with an elegant midrail, “Lady Jane” 2m tall vinyl privacy fence panel is an obvious choice for any outdoor space.

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The strongest privacy fencing on the market, with an elegant midrail, “Lady Jane” 2m tall vinyl privacy fence panel is an obvious choice for any outdoor space.

32 reviews for Lady Jane – 2m Full Privacy Fence

  1. Elise Jansen

    This fence is the definition of low upkeep, high reward. Absolutely recommend!

  2. Oleksandr Tkachenko

    Super quick installation! The installers were professional and had our entire PVC fence up in no time. They managed to finish everything much faster than we anticipated, which was perfect for our busy schedule. Excellent work!

  3. Soo-Jin Park

    Living in a retirement community, we needed a fence that was low-maintenance and safe for all residents. Our new PVC fence has met all the community guidelines for safety and aesthetics. Our neighbours appreciate the smooth finish and elegant appearance of the Lady Jane style, which complements the peaceful environment of our community.

  4. Nikolai Petrov

    Chose this PVC fence for its sleek look and full privacy it provides for us. The Lady Jane executes this perfectly and we couldn’t be happier

  5. Min Seo Kim

    Our new PVC fence withstands the Gold Coast sun beautifully. No fading or damage at all!

  6. Larysa Savchenko

    The team installed our full privacy PVC fence in no time, and it’s been standing strong against Brisbane’s storms ever since. It looks clean and vibrant all year round.

  7. Linh Tran

    Our neighbourhood often sees heavy winds and the occasional stray ball from nearby playing fields. Our PVC fence has taken quite a few impacts with no damage whatsoever. It’s provided so much confidence in that it was the right choice for our needs.

  8. Haruto Takahashi

    We chose a PVC fence because our area is prone to high winds. The fence has stood up to several severe storms already, with no damage or signs of wear. It’s reassuring to know we have a fence that’s as sturdy as it is attractive.

  9. Kateryna Horbunova

    I’m amazed at how quickly the PVC fencing arrived. Just three days from order to delivery! Everything was perfectly organized and packaged, making it easy for us to begin installation immediately.

  10. Isabella Rossi

    We were so pleased to find out that there were multiple design options for our PVC fence to match our home’s unique style. The final product was beyond our expectations, and it fits perfectly with our landscape. The installation team was incredibly accommodating of our vision.

  11. Tuan Nguyen

    Since installing our new Lady Jane fence, we’ve received nothing but positive feedback from our neighbours. They love the sleek design and how it complements the neighbourhood’s style. One of the neighbours mentioned it’s the best-looking fence in our street which I was quite flattered by.

  12. Ivan Kostyuk

    Fast and efficient! The delivery of our PVC fence supplies was quicker than any other supplier that we have previously worked with. The quick turnaround time allowed us to complete our yard renovation much sooner than expected.

  13. Olena Kovalenko

    As parents of young children and a dog, the safety of our yard was incredibly important. This PVC fence has no sharp edges and is extremely sturdy and tall, giving us peace of mind that our little ones and pets are safe when playing outside.

  14. Nataliya Klymchuk

    Impressed with how quickly our full privacy PVC fence went up in our Brisbane home. It’s transformed our backyard without any hassle. Months later, it still looks freshly installed.

  15. Maximilian Weber

    We added the Lady Jane fence around our backyard, and it’s surprisingly good at blocking street noise. It’s also given us a lot more privacy, making our outdoor space more enjoyable.

  16. Yi Chen

    Even with the Gold Coast’s salty air, our full privacy PVC fence stays pristine. It’s the private retreat we wanted without sacrificing on style or durability.

  17. Mykola Shevchenko

    As a family with pets, it was important to us that our fencing materials be non-toxic. The tall Lady Jane style fencing was the ideal choice, being both safe for animals and free from harmful chemicals.

  18. Henrik Larsen

    Elegant, sturdy, and pristine, a fence that’s as practical as it is beautiful!

  19. Sakura Matsumoto

    The lightweight nature of this Lady Jane fencing made installation quick and easy, yet it’s sturdy enough to withstand high winds without wobbling. It’s the perfect combination for our needs.

  20. Oksana Voloshyna

    After a tree fell and damaged a section of our fence, we were able to replace just the affected panels seamlessly. The new pieces matched perfectly with the old, and it looked good as new in no time.

  21. Arjun Patel

    I’m amazed by the sturdiness and durability of our new PVC fence. Living in a high wind area like Tambourine, we needed something strong, and this fence has stood firm through it all. No cracking, no peeling, just as perfect as the day it was installed.

  22. Yevheniya Oliynyk

    Impressed by the quick and clean installation of our PVC fence. The crew was professional and had everything up in less than a day. It instantly made our property feel more like home.

  23. Vadym Boyko

    Our Gold Coast property needed a fence that wouldn’t lose its colour in the sun and salt. This PVC fence is just that. It’s been a year, and it looks as if it was installed yesterday!

  24. Kenji Sato

    Our home has a very distinct architectural style, and we were thrilled to find a PVC fencing option that complements it perfectly. The variety of designs available meant we didn’t have to compromise on aesthetics for functionality.

  25. Katarina Novak

    One of the standout features of our PVC fence is its excellent colour retention. Even after a couple of years under the sun, the colour is just the same as how i purchased it. This long-lasting colour durability and the privacy it provides for us, its one of the main reasons I wouldn’t hesitate to get this product again

  26. Iryna Petrenko

    Our white PVC fence hasn’t lost its colour despite several summers. The UV resistance is fantastic! It looks as vibrant and clean as the day it was installed

  27. Sofia Moreno

    Couldn’t believe how fast the installation was completed. The team was efficient, tidy, and very skilled. Our new Lady Jane fence looks fantastic, and it was all set up in less than two days. Highly recommend for anyone needing a quick turnaround!

  28. Ananya Singh

    I value my privacy, especially living in a busy Brisbane neighbourhood. This PVC fence has delivered that and more—peace and quiet without compromising on a sleek look.

  29. Hye-Jin Choi

    Our Gold Coast home now feels like a secluded oasis, thanks to our full privacy PVC fence. It’s nice for keeping out noise from the bustling beachfront, and the maintenance is almost nil.

  30. Giorgio Romano

    Living next to a busy street, we needed a solution to help reduce the road noise. Our new Lady Jane fencing has made a noticeable difference in dampening the traffic sounds due to the extra height, making our backyard a peaceful retreat. it looks fantastic and requires zero upkeep

  31. Priyanka Desai

    Amazing speed and efficiency from QFS in getting our PVC fence installed. From the initial consultation to the completion of installation, everything was swift and smooth. The team worked diligently and made sure everything was done right the first time, I’m very impressed.

  32. Niranjan Iyer

    Perfect choice! Our new PVC fence is maintenance-free and stands strong through storms.

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Product Description

  • 200cm high
  • 28×115 boards

  • 9x235cm top, middle and bottom horizontal rails

  • 2,5x108cm U-Channel edgings

  • Available in white colour

  • Installed with routed posts – no exposed fasteners or brackets

  • 100% Pure Virgin Vinyl for structural integrity

  • Minimal upkeep – no painting or staining required

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Closed Top Picket

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U-Chanel Size


Top Rail


Bottom Rail


Assembly Required


Primary Material


Fence Style

Full Privacy

Actual Panel Width




U-Chanel No.


Middle Rail


Bottom Aluminum




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Cap Options

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Single Gate

Double Gate










Drop Rod


Post with Aluminum Insert



Post Cap



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Lady Jane – 2m Full Privacy Fence

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