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White PVC picket fence & boundary fence panels for sale are available in or 2m widths and are 1m in height. Each panel is supplied with one bollard. Additional freestanding bollards are also available for sale, at your request.

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White PVC picket fence & boundary fence panels for sale are available in or 2m widths and are 1m in height. Each panel is supplied with one bollard. Additional freestanding bollards are also available for sale, at your request.

42 reviews for Temporary Fence

  1. Melissa Lewis

    Temporary PVC fencing is essential for our sports events, helping to manage crowds and keep spectators safe. Its durability and ease of handling make it ideal for quickly changing layouts between games.

  2. Chris Johnson

    We installed temporary PVC fencing around our pool area for the summer. It’s perfect for keeping our kids safe and is easy to remove once the pool starts getting colder in the winter

  3. Fatima Al-Farsi

    We use this fencing for various pop-up events and love how portable it is. It fits in our small van without any hassle and is light enough to carry around. Makes transport and moving it around a breeze.

  4. Alice King

    We installed temporary PVC fencing around our new pool to comply with local safety regulations while our permanent fence was being built. It was quick to install and met all the safety requirements without any hassle.

  5. Michael Brown

    We regularly host public events and rely on temporary PVC fencing for crowd control. It’s incredibly effective and provides the flexibility to adjust layouts quickly and efficiently.

  6. Fiona Wallace

    This fence stands up to all kinds of weather, from heavy rain to strong winds. We’ve never had an issue with it getting damaged or failing during an event.

  7. Khalid Jamil

    The assembly instructions that came with this fencing were clear and concise. We had no problem getting it set up right the first time. It’s great when things actually work as promised.

  8. Jeff Wright

    As a vendor, I’ve found temporary PVC fencing invaluable for creating custom vendor spaces. It’s easy to configure and reconfigure as needed, which is perfect for events that have different layouts each time.

  9. Sarah Wilson

    I use temporary PVC fencing to protect my vegetable garden during the growing season. It keeps the critters out without the permanence of a fixed fence, and I can easily store it away during the off-season.

  10. Sean O’Connor

    On top of its portability, this fence stands firm once set up. We’ve never had issues with it tipping or swaying, which is crucial for safety at our outdoor events.

  11. Nadia Singh

    We’ve been using this temporary fencing for over three years now and it’s still in great shape! It’s a one-time investment that’s paid off many times over in terms of durability and continued use.

  12. Bruce Connors

    For the price, the value of this temporary fencing is unbeatable. It’s saved us so much in rental costs, and it looks and performs better than more expensive and less attractive options we’ve considered.

  13. Kevin Harris

    During our home renovation, we used temporary PVC fencing to keep debris contained and to ensure safety around the construction site. It was much easier to manage than other types of temporary fencing and looked a lot neater.

  14. Phoebe Dalton

    We used temporary PVC fencing for our outdoor wedding reception, and it was perfect for creating private, designated areas without committing to permanent structures. Easy to set up and take down, it was exactly what we needed for the event.

  15. Bianca Müller

    We’ve used this temporary fencing all season for different festivals, and it’s held up remarkably well. It’s sturdy and withstands both crowds and weather. A solid investment for any event planner.

  16. Vivian Chu

    Our customers really appreciate the defined yet inviting spaces this fence helps create. It enhances the overall experience at our café, providing just the right amount of separation, especially during COVID times.

  17. Daniel Taylor

    After a storm damaged our main fence, the temporary PVC fencing was a lifesaver. It was quick to deploy and sturdy enough to secure our yard until repairs could be made. Really impressed with its strength and ease of setup.

  18. Amanda Scott

    We set up a temporary PVC fence to create a safe, designated area for our outdoor workshops. It’s quick to install and robust enough to define the workspace effectively. This solution keeps our tools and materials organized and secure.

  19. David Jones

    As a property manager, temporary PVC fencing has been a game-changer. It allows us to quickly adapt rental spaces for pet owners or add privacy for tenants without long-term modifications.

  20. Tara Bishop

    Setting up this temporary fence was a breeze! It’s lightweight and the pieces click together easily. We had it up in no time for our weekend market. It’s really user-friendly for quick setups.

  21. Amirah Lee

    I love how well this fencing integrates with our event décor. It’s not just a functional barrier, it actually enhances the environment we create for festivals and social gatherings.

  22. Megan Clark

    Living close to the sea in the Gold Coast, we needed a fence that could handle salty air and humidity. Our new temporary fence has been perfect, it stands up brilliantly to the coastal weather without corroding or fading. It’s exactly what our beachside home needed.

  23. Rajiv Sharma

    Our team loves the quick installation process. We can have the fencing up in minutes, which is crucial when we’re on a tight setup schedule.

  24. John Smith

    For our construction projects, temporary PVC fencing has proved invaluable. It’s sturdy enough to secure the site, yet lightweight and easy to move as our needs change throughout the project.

  25. Anna Thompson

    We purchased temporary PVC fencing for a private event in a public park. It provided the privacy we needed without being too obstructive. Plus, its clean look added to the event’s ambiance.

  26. Eliza Cortez

    This fencing is perfect for all types of events we host, from book fairs to craft markets. We can adapt it to various layouts and its versatility is a key selling point.

  27. Julie White

    We needed a flexible solution for our dogs when we travel to our vacation home. The temporary PVC fencing is perfect, it sets up in minutes and provides a secure play area for them. It’s lightweight yet surprisingly durable.

  28. Theo Barnett

    We’ve had this fencing knocked into by crowds and even a vehicle once, and it held up with just minor scuffs. Really impressed with its impact resistance and versatility.

  29. Jessica Miller

    Temporary PVC fencing is critical for our sports events, helping to manage crowds and keep spectators safe. Its durability and ease of handling make it ideal for quickly changing layouts between games.

  30. Emily Davis

    For temporary art exhibitions, we enclose sculptures and installations with PVC fencing. It protects the artwork while maintaining good visibility for visitors, and its non-intrusive design doesn’t take away from the pieces on display.

  31. Sam Allerydes

    Pretty solid

  32. Simone Rossi

    After a busy day, cleaning this fence is so easy. Just a quick wipe down and it’s ready for the next use. It’s maintenance-free which is perfect for our busy event schedule and how often we use the temporary fencing.

  33. Martin Zhao

    Our patrons have commented on how the fencing keeps areas well-organized without making spaces feel confined. It’s great to hear that the customers are pleased with the temporary fencing too.

  34. Miguel Santos

    When the event is over, taking down this fence is just as easy as setting it up. It packs down compactly, making storage a non-issue. Really practical for our frequent use in the stadium.

  35. Brian Anderson

    Our community festival used temporary PVC fencing to guide foot traffic and it worked wonderfully. It’s visible enough to direct large crowds and can withstand quite a bit of contact without tipping over.

  36. Grace Tan

    Maintenance is a breeze with this fencing. It doesn’t require any special cleaners or treatments which we appreciate as we use it a lot. A simple wipe down keeps it looking like new

  37. Jordan Hale

    This temporary fence doesn’t just do its job it looks good while doing it! The clean, white design brightens up our space and adds a professional touch to our setups.

  38. Laura Moore

    Temporary PVC fencing was a cost-effective solution for marking property lines until we decided on a more permanent option. It’s durable, visible, and serves the purpose beautifully.

  39. Greg Robinson

    For our annual arts festival, we use temporary PVC fencing to mark vendor boundaries clearly. It’s sturdy, easy to move, and provides a clean, professional look that enhances the overall setup.

  40. Hiro Tanaka

    The modular design of this fence is fantastic. We can configure it to fit various spaces and layouts, making it perfect for every event we host. Its flexibility in design is a huge plus for us.

  41. Sienna Griffiths

    We used this fencing for a small outdoor concert, and it provided a great level of security. It’s sturdy enough and doesn’t move with multiple people leaning on it prevents entry without being imposing or unattractive.

  42. Steve Martin

    The warranty that came with our PVC fence gave us peace of mind, but the aftercare service was even more impressive. The company reached out to ensure we were satisfied and offered tips on how to maintain the fence in pristine condition.

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Product Description

Product launches and Corporate brand activations

Wedding ceremonies and receptions

Crowd guidance

Temporary Fence

Making a temporary area that can be easily packed away

Fence off specific areas

Space divider

Branding element

Creating a VIP or restricted area

Product name

Temporary fence

Per panel weigh

9.8kg (assembled,not including post)

10cmx10cm (4"x4")Post length


2cmx7.5cm (7/8"*3")picket length


Per section size


Standard packing

in pallet, size:0.9m(L)*1.8m(W)

5cmx8.5cm (2"*3.5") Rail length


Picket number

12 picket /panel

Packing & Delivery

Delivery Toowoomba/Dalby area

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